Activities in the surroundings:

  • Horses
  • Quads
  • Nature
  • Fauna
  • Ornithology
  • Boat trip
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • climbing wall
  • Swimming Pool
  • Shooting Range
  • Motocross
  • Delta Wing
  • Paragliding
  • To Motor
  • Jogging
  • Museums
  • Fair
  • Castels
  • Markets

Places of touristic interest

For more information about interesting places, natural locations, areas where you can enjoy a nice walk, architectural and archaeological national wealth, please check out the web page of the Consell Comarcal del Urgell, and the web page of the town hall of Tornabous,

  • 'Moli d´espigol' iberian village..
    Declared to be a cultural good of national interest, included in the archaeological cathegory.
  • Tornabous town hall and Santa Cecilia church..
    The town hall is a palace built during the XVI century, renaissance style, wich stands out because of its decoration on windows and door frames, and also because of its exquisit stained glass windows of its rooms.The building was a property of the monastery of Poblet, further on, Roger de Lluria was his owner, until the day it got to be a possession of the Tornabous municipality. The church, declared to be a cultural good of local interest is a building of the XVI century, renaissance style formed by one unique vault divided in five segments. The image of Santa Cecilia, restored by the sculpturer Victor Manuel Pallarés, Occupies the center of the large room.
  • Monument and interpretation center in memory of President Lluis Companys:
    Monument in memory of President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Lluis Companys, located in his birth town, TarrĂłs. The emplacement is a creation of the artist Antoni Boleda.
  • Almenara tower.
    Christian tower built during the XI century. The most intrepid ones can climb up to the top and enjoy some beautiful sights.
  • Ethnologic museum of Agramunt.
  • Antiaircraft refuge of Santa Maria church in Agramunt.
  • House museum Cal Gassol in Anglesola.
  • Wagon exposition in Anglesola.
  • Ecomuseum of rural life in Belianes.
  • Antic oil mill of Maurici Massot in Belianes.
  • Art exposition and small ethnographic museum in Bellpuig.
  • Sant Bartomeu convent in Bellpuig.
  • Ramon Folch de Cardona mausoleum in Bellpuig.
  • Mayors court in GuimerĂ .
  • Antic weapons and rural tools exposition in La Fuliola.
  • Montclars castle in Montclar d´Urgell.
  • Regional museum of Urgell in TĂ rrega.
  • Royal Monastry of Santa MarĂ­a de Vallbona in Vallbona de les Monges.
  • Toys and automatic toys museum in VerdĂş.
  • Ivars and Vilasanas lake, located in the near region of PlĂ  D´ Urgell.
  • The way of Sant Jaume, which passes trough different municipalities of the region.

Activities of cultural interest

  • Annual fair of traditional chocolate and 'turrĂłn' (type of candy traditionally eaten at Christmas) of Agramunt.
  • Christmas market of Agramunt.
  • Three go arounds party and medieval market of Anglesola.
  • Hipic Raid of Anglesola.
  • Oil party of Belianes.
  • Procession of Los Dolores in Bellpuig.
  • Collectors market of Bellpuig.
  • Party of the Bandolero ( type of rural outlaw ) in CastellserĂ .
  • Meeting of historic and medieval recreation groups in Ciutadilla.
  • Medieval market in GuimerĂ .
  • Celebration of the harvest in La Fuliola.
  • Meeting of Sardana dancers of MontalbĂ , in Preixana.
  • Living manger in Rocafort de Vallbona.
  • Party of the three go arounds of Sant Antoni Abad in TĂ rrega.
  • 'Fira cĂłc', meeting of cĂłc sellers ( kind of pastry ) in TĂ rrega.
  • Hunters fair in TĂ rrega.
  • Enviroment fair in TĂ rrega.
  • Artists and traditional activities fair in TĂ rrega.
  • Antic objects and arts fair in TĂ rrega.
  • Street theater fair in TĂ rrega.
  • Iberian weekend in the 'MolĂ­ de l´EspĂ­gol' in Tornabous.
  • Living manger in Vallbona de les Monges.
  • Ceramic fair in VerdĂş.
  • Wine and grape harvest fair.
  • Almond fair in Vilagrassa.
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